Why buy a home with the Design from Finland mark?

Design from Finland — awarded to Asumma — means quality, transparent production, and functional design.

When buying and building a new house, it is important to understand what distinguishes architectural excellence from mere claims of such. But how? Design from Finland is a mark highlighting companies that represent quality design and sustainability. Here is why Design from Finland matters:

The promise of distinct design excellence

Design from Finland is a mark developed to certify Finnish design, which is well regarded worldwide. The mark is not only about the country of origin, however, it is also about design excellence. In order to be awarded the Design from Finland mark, companies are evaluated by a panel of independent experts from diverse fields of design. Asumma is pleased to be associated with Design from Finland.

Asumma Homes builds houses that unite architecture, design, engineering, advanced construction technologies and environmental expertise into houses that last for generations. And the Asumma experience isn’t only in the physical, built environment — Asumma works at the forefront of digital and 3D immersive house development, so that people can virtually experience and real-time configure their new houses before they are built.

Houses made sustainably

To be awarded the Design from Finland mark, companies must also transparently communicate their supply chain, which is a measure of a company’s environmental impact. Sustainability ties together all companies under Design from Finland. Asumma homes are built using FSC-certified wood. The cross-laminated timber (CLT) used for Asumma’s homes is a natural carbon sink, and is an energy-efficient building material sourced from sustainably managed forests. The homes also offer the option for solar panel roofs, enabling homeowners to generate and sell excess energy to the grid, as well as geothermal heating solutions. Over time, Asumma will design ever more environmentally-considered homes, through the use of sustainable materials, clean construction techniques, and digital smart home features that support the sustainable use of one’s home.

Designed to last — for you, for future generations

The products, including houses, presented under Design from Finland must be of high quality and made to last. Asumma’s homes are made for the comfort and long-term well-being of the people who inhabit them. It is the Asumma commitment to homeowners. Built from innovative cross-laminated timber, which is a sturdy substitute for steel or concrete (sequestering, rather than emitting, carbon), Asumma Homes are constructed for generations to come. Furthermore, usability, elegance, and ease inform the layout of the home environment — with each house configured in collaboration with the buyer, so that it is optimized for the unique home owners’ needs.

The values of Design from Finland — quality design, sustainability, and durability — are also the very considerations one must take into account when building a new home. And, in buying a new house, design awards can be an important factor to determine the architectural excellence of one’s future home. With the Design from Finland mark, Asumma is part of a movement to push design to be even more purposeful, innovative, and forward-leaning.

Are you interested in building a new house on your plot?  Learn about Asumma's carbon-neutral, timber design homes here.

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