House V

80m2 - 110m2
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1,5 stories

Small house, stunning design.

House V is built from CLT massive wood, which offers the advantages of a log house, but with more interesting architectural possibilities and faster construction.

Asumma adapts House V to meet your needs, including scaling the house from 80m2 to 110m2 and adding rooms. Solar panels and a ground-source heat pump make it even more sustainable.

House V specs

80 - 110

Floor area






Cross-laminated timber




Energy class




kWh solar energy (optional)

Massive wood structure.

Built with cross-laminated timber (CLT). 
Wood from FSC-certified forests. 
Structure is natural carbon storage.

Natural light.


Dining area.

Master bedroom.

The entryway.

Customizable entryway.
Choose entry from front of the house.
Alternatively, choose entry from the side.

Soaring ceilings.



First floor bedroom.

House V

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House V floor plan


House V floor plan

What you get.

Asumma House V

Advanced design. Tech-driven research and development led by our award-winning team — resulting in the high-quality House V, with customizations for your life. 

Healthy, ecological house. The sustainable, cross-laminated timber House V is engineered with bioclimatic design, energy-saving solutions, and off-grid capabilities. 

One-stop shop. Asumma is your primary point of contact throughout the entire house-building process. We manage your project from its conception to completion. 

Custom concept. We implement any customizations and tailor your house design to your plot of land.

Design draft. We finalize your concept, confirm your construction consultant, and get total cost estimates.

Permitting. We complete your application for the building authorities, including architecture and engineering. 

Construction design. We produce detailed architecture and engineering for our partners to build your house.

Construction oversight. We oversee your home’s realization, via our vetted partners, who build your house.

Inspection. We commission a final inspection, before delivering your key-in-hand. Your new home awaits. 

How it’s built.

Asumma House V

House V


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