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Modern, sustainable wooden houses.

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House E
120m2 - 200m2
House S
115m2 - 160m2
House H
100m2 - 160m2
House N
130m2 - 200m2
House V
80m2 - 110m2
House Y
80m2 - 110m2

What Asumma homeowners say

"A perfect solution for the property of our second home. Asumma is an innovative, agile, and devoted team that delivered to my full satisfaction."

– Markku

CLT — a modern take on wood.

A pure wood house is a high-quality house. CLT (cross-laminated timber) is an innovative massive wood that offers a variety of advantages compared to traditional log houses. CLT’s unique structural properties enable more interesting and innovative architectural solutions. CLT panels are faster and easier to install, which can reduce construction time and cost. CLT combines strength, sustainability, and cost effectiveness, making it an excellent choice for building a new home.

Healthy, ecological home.

In addition to a CLT structure and roof, Asumma homes are built with wood-fiber insulation, wooden doors and floors, and wooden window and door frames. As sustainability experts, we are committed to using natural, renewable, breathable wood to build healthy, ecological homes.

Wood absorbs and releases moisture in response to changes in relative humidity, creating good indoor air quality. Wood offers excellent thermal comfort, reducing your need for heating and cooling. Asumma’s breathable but airtight houses are Energy Class A, minimizing your home’s carbon footprint.

Minimal. Modern. Custom home.

Asumma is your partner for building a custom design home. Here is how it works: You select one of our architectural house models and choose the customizations that are right for you.

Your custom house design is led by Asumma’s Chief Architect Pekka Airaxin, a member of the team that won the 2021 Finlandia Prize for Architecture. Asumma oversees your new house development — from design and manufacture, to construction and final inspection.

Designed for life.

High-quality homes with low-carbon impact. 

Asumma designs homes.

For people. For the planet.

Asumma homes are designed for life. They are high-quality, sustainable, and customizable for you.