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We estimate that the delivery date for your new house, from conception to completion, requires one year, after you sign a contract with us. This estimate is based on the current availability of our partner factories and materials suppliers, as well as our current conception to completion rates. That said, this date is only an estimate, and is subject to change. Asumma is not legally liable for the extension of the one-year delivery date stated on this website. We believe that one year is a reasonable reflection of the scope of building your new home; however, changes might occur. Further, on average, based on current market data cost breakdowns, you can estimate to pay €3,100 - €3,300 per square meter for a high-quality Asumma home, excluding the cost of land. This pricing band accounts for customizations for your new home. For instance, sustainability customizations that enable carbon-negative house operations require more upfront cost — but the long-term energy savings from their implementation more than recover these costs for you. Other customizations, such as house layout modifications, also incur additional cost. Other factors can impact cost, such as the soil investigation of your plot — with difficult to access plots and soil types impacting cost, among other factors. That said, you can estimate that building a new 100m2 home starts at €310,000, excluding the cost of your plot of land. With our partners, your home is built to a 'house-ready delivery' stage, as defined by The Finnish Association for Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses. A 'house-ready delivery' accounts for 90% to 95% of the cost and work for your final house.