Asumma granted Design from Finland mark

Impartial committee of field experts grants Asumma’s sustainable, cross-laminated timber houses the right to bear the Design from Finland mark.

Asumma is now a Design from Finland accredited company, and bears the right to use the iconic Design from Finland mark to showcase its commitment to Finnish principles of responsible, sustainable, excellent-quality service and product design.

The Design from Finland mark is awarded to products and services of Finnish origin that adhere to a standard of professionalism, responsibility, and user-oriented design. Companies awarded the mark must also openly communicate the structure of their production and location of their manufacture. 

The Design from Finland logo represents design expertise, including traditional design as well as digital solutions — both of which are encompassed by Asumma’s homebuyer and real estate developer offering. The logo further suggests value-oriented service and design-oriented operations, promoting Finnish design credibility and trust to Finnish and international markets. 

The right to use the Design from Finland mark is determined by an independent committee of field experts appointed by an executive board. The committee reviews applications according to an organization’s commitment to the Design from Finland standards and requirements, including investment in design, benefits borne of design differentiation, user-first orientation, and transparency across the production chain, with an interest in responsible suppliers. 

The committee further considers applicants’ use of design to internationalize products or services and external recognition of the organization’s design, among other secondary factors. 

Asumma’s architecture, engineering, and construction management to design and produce stunning, excellent-quality, and durable homes conforms with the principles espoused by Design from Finland. As a bearer of the Design from Finland mark, Asumma communicates its commitment to serve homebuyers and the environment, in Finland and throughout Europe. 

‘Finnish design is internationally recognized as high-quality, functional, practical, and minimal,’ says Asumma Chief Architect Pekka Airaxin. ‘With this mark, we are able to signal our values to homebuyers across Europe. We are proud to be associated with Design from Finland.’

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