Asumma introduces HOISKO CLT, a CLT house element partner

HOISKO CLT’s high-quality CLT house elements showcase their unique expertise in massive wood construction and ongoing research and development. Its CLT elements are safe, durable, and high-quality.

Asumma and HOISKO CLT have successfully collaborated on several CLT wooden house and villa projects in the Helsinki capital region. Both companies share similar values regarding the innovation of wood construction, sustainability, and high-quality construction. This makes them natural partners. A house built from HOISKO CLT's elements is healthy, breathable, and beautiful. 

What is Hoisko CLT?

HOISKO CLT is a Finnish manufacturer of high-quality, carbon-neutral CLT massive wood elements. In addition, HOISKO CLT offers excellent products and services related to wooden house construction. The founders of the company, located in Hoisko village in Southern Ostrobothnia, have decades of combined experience with glued wood structures. HOISKO CLT is justifiably proud of its extensive technical and production expertise. In addition, the company continually carries out R&D work to improve processes and products.

In addition to the production of CLT house elements, HOISKO CLT manufactures CLT elements for larger public construction projects such as schools. The company is also committed to sustainable production and responsible forestry.

Why build a new CLT house with Hoisko CLT?

HOISKO CLT's products are made 100% from Finnish, PEFC-certified spruce wood. This ensures that a house built from HOISKO CLT elements originates from traceable, sustainable, and responsibly managed forests. All layers of HOISKO CLT's elements are made from high C24 strength class raw wood, which gives the element the best possible load-bearing capacity and quality of gluing.

HOISKO CLT's elements also have a low-emission material M1-mark, which indicates excellent indoor air quality. HOISKO CLT produces the elements with edge-gluing, which improves the tightness of the CLT element and allows for construction without a separate vapor barrier. An edge-glued element does not form gaps, so that the wood surface is beautiful, modern, and evenly flat. As such, edge-glued CLT is especially suitable for visible surfaces.

What are the overall benefits of building a new CLT house?

CLT is a strong and versatile construction material that offers many advantages. CLT is an ecological option that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions in construction. The trees from which CLT is made store carbon dioxide as they grow and continue to store carbon when they are processed into high-quality wood products. In addition, CLT has excellent insulation properties, making it an energy-efficient building material. This saves on home heating and cooling costs.

Studies show that CLT structures have a small carbon footprint because the materials are prefabricated to precise dimensions and their installation on-site requires less energy and labor. CLT structures are durable and long-lasting solutions, even in harsh weather conditions. CLT structures are beautiful building elements and provide a warm and natural atmosphere to the new home and its surfaces.

Building a CLT villa, wooden house, or summer cottage from HOISKO CLT elements is an excellent choice when you want to construct a sustainable and long-lasting wooden house. The benefits of CLT construction are manifold. The most important of these are eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, and durability. HOISKO CLT is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it is committed to sustainable production and the use of responsibly produced, PEFC-certified wood material. As a result, HOISKO CLT's materials are an excellent choice for those who want to build a high-quality, environmentally friendly home with Asumma.

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