Modern, move-in-ready wooden homes customized for your life.

We innovate.

Asumma is a construction technology company. We believe homes are sacred, intimate spaces that should be sustainable and affordable. We are a passionate team of pragmatic optimists, working to ensure a habitable future. We aim for forward-leaning product R&D, responsible and auditable supply-chain management, tech-driven operations, and scale to reduce homebuyers' costs for a high-quality, ecological home.

Research and development are in Asumma’s DNA. Every house designed by our architecture and engineering team is a high-quality product intended to elevate the standard of living for its inhabitants. Asumma homes are aesthetic achievements precision-engineered to minimize waste and support a green supply chain, while operating sustainably with off-grid options.

We design.

We embrace technology. 

We want to usher the housing sector into a new era — with product design, manufacturing, shipment, and delivery on par with the aeronautics and automotive industries. Parametric and BIM technology will ultimately enable us to realize our 2035 goal of supplying all of Europe with mass-customized, high-quality, sustainable timber homes at a reasonable, middle-income price point.

We are solving multiple, interrelated problems in the residential construction industry. For most homebuyers, building a new home is riddled with unforeseen stress, risk, unreliability, and unsustainable practices. At Asumma we significantly reduce the complexity associated with house-building. Our goal is to provide a seamless homebuyer experience — with on-budget, on-time delivery of high-quality, sustainable, affordable homes for everyone.

We solve problems.

We build ecological homes.

We are urgently motivated to help tackle the climate crisis. We want to build a strong business that enables our sustainable design innovations to scale — to increase positive social impact, while reducing environmental harm. This means sustainable materials: Wood-fiber insulation. Energy efficiency. Solar panels. Heat pumps. Sustainability is a fundamental consideration for every house that Asumma designs. We exist to make beautiful, environmentally friendly homes available for all.

We care about people and our planet. We believe that high design and high-quality housing should be accessible for everyone. We want to enable home ownership for as many people as possible. We work hard for the betterment of society and our shared future. Finally, we are worker-owners. We all own a stake in Asumma, and we are profoundly committed to its success, for the benefit of homeowners, society, and our natural world. 

We are people like you.

We are Asumma.