Building a house.

This is how the process advances — from planning to moving-in.

How it works.

3 stages to get your Asumma home. 

One-stop shop to build a custom house.

Get started by sharing your needs and wishes with us. Over the course of one year, we design and deliver a bespoke home that meets your household requirements, accounts for the conditions of your plot, and conforms to local building standards.

Your new home awaits.

Get started with your house concept.

1 month
€4,500 + VAT (fixed price)

We provide you with a tailored architectural house concept and a cost estimate — based on your needs and ideas.

What's included:
  • Analysis and modeling of your plot.

  • Creation of a site plan.

  • Tailored house concept and floor plan.

  • Interactive 3D visualization of your house.

  • Cost estimate based on the concept.

Stage 1: Architecture and permitting

2 months
€4,500 + VAT (fixed price)

Architectural and structural design for building permitting.

What's included:
  • Architectural plans, including facade and section drawings.

  • Initial structural and HVAC engineering.

  • Pre-selection of materials suppliers.

  • Calculation of an energy certificate.

  • Coordination of site manager selection.

  • Detailed cost estimate.

  • Creation and submission of building permit application.

Stage 2: Design for house manufacture and assembly

4 months
From €80 per square meter

Precision-engineering and supplier management.

What's included:
  • Production of high-fidelity detail drawings.

  • Delivery of structural engineering.

  • Delivery of HVAC design (site + house).

  • Delivery of electrical design (site + house).

  • Supervision of CLT element design.

  • Organization of foundation design.

  • Request for binding offers from suppliers.

  • Detailed cost estimate.

  • Construction scheduling.

Stage 3: Construction oversight

5 months
€4,500 + VAT (fixed price)

Principal design oversight, inspection, and house onboarding.

What’s included:
  • Supervision of elements manufacturing.

  • Principal supervision for onsite works.

  • Principal supervision for house assembly.

  • Principal supervision for exterior and interior finishings.

  • Confirmation of third-party final inspection.

  • Final total cost breakdown.

  • Documentation to authorities.

  • Onboarding you to your new home.

Price to build a house

Modern, ecological wooden home

How can I figure out the true cost of building a new house? 

You might find that you have trouble getting an exact answer when researching pricing for buying and building your own house. Upfront, many companies will only provide you with a list of the cost of the materials for a new house. However, a cost breakdown of materials is only a partial picture of the final price. Building a new home requires architectural and engineering customizations for your plot of land, a permit from your local building authorities, construction-level architecture and engineering, land preparation, securing materials producers, contracting construction partners to build your house, as well as commissioning of a final inspection, among other steps.

What is the average cost to build an Asumma house? 

On average, based on current market data cost breakdowns, you can estimate to pay roughly €3,100 – €3,300 per floor area m2 for a high-quality Asumma home, excluding the cost of land. This pricing accounts for customizations for your new home. For instance, sustainability customizations that enable carbon-negative house operations require more upfront cost — but the long-term energy savings from their implementation more than recover these costs for you.

Other customizations, such as house layout modifications, also incur additional cost. Other factors can impact cost, such as the soil investigation of your plot — with difficult to access plots and soil types impacting cost, among other factors.

That said, you can estimate that building a new 120m2 home starts at €380,000, excluding the cost of your plot of land. With our partners, your home is built to a 'house-ready delivery' stage, as defined by The Finnish Association for Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses. A 'house-ready delivery' accounts for 90% to 95% of the cost and work for your final house.

If building a new house has such a reasonable price tag, then why do so many people buy existing homes?

Although building a new house has quite a reasonable price tag, most people still buy existing homes, rather than building their own. Why? One reason is education. The idea of building seems daunting and inaccessible to many, although it doesn’t have to be that way. People might fear that costs will creep up, that one has to become an expert in building a house to figure out the process, that it will eat up an enormous amount of time, and that there are unforeseen risks. In some ways, this is true: building a house is complicated, especially for people who do not work in the construction industry. That said, at Asumma we aim to make the process simple for you.

Does Asumma offer a house package?

Asumma is your one-stop shop for the design and delivery of new, custom single-family home. You contractually partner with Asumma to oversee your house architecture, engineering, permits, approvals, land preparation, offsite manufacturing, delivery, assembly, inspection, and handover.

We manage your complete project from start to finish, with a vetted construction partner executing onsite works. You have unique contracts with our suppliers and partners, and you only pay for materials or works that are 100% completed — never upfront.

Other house providers might offer single contracts but, in doing so, these companies can pad total costs with extra margins for themselves. With Asumma, you get greater pricing transparency, as well as a more competitive rate for an architectural home.

Is Asumma a technology startup?

Asumma is a venture-funded construction technology company founded in 2021. We are backed by experienced European technology investors, with generous funding from the European Union. We are a young company, but we are a senior team. For example, Asumma’s Chief Architect has helped lead the design of large-scale building projects totaling 500,000m2 — including the 2021 Finlandia Prize for Architecture-winning Kirkkonummi Library ‘Fyyri’ (outside of Helsinki, Finland) and the European Healthcare Design Award-winning Hospital Nova (in Jyväskyla, Finland).

Asumma has single-family home projects across Finland — from Helsinki to Lapland. You are welcome to contact us about driving past completed projects or construction sites to get a better idea of what your own Asumma home might look like.

Finally, consumer protection is baked-in to Asumma’s business model. We pride ourselves on our honest pricing, business ethics, and moral integrity. As a consumer, you never pay upfront. Instead, you pay in stages for work that has been completed. At every step of your house building journey, Asumma represents your interests and acts on your behalf in order to ensure you get the best market value for your investment and trust in us.

So, what does Asumma do differently?

We operate as your personal concierge across the entire house-building process. We oversee all the immaterial aspects of building your house — from architecture and engineering, to project management. We work with a network of partners who supply materials and construct your house. We also provide fixed, upfront pricing for a defined scope of work, on a stage-by-stage basis, with clear stages. From the outset of our work for you, we engage our partners to get a cost breakdown for manufacturing and building your house — giving you an upfront estimated total cost for your new Asumma home. We believe this level of clarity and fidelity will help you make an informed choice.

Anything else that I should know? 

Market fluctuations will impact the cost of certain materials, such as steel or timber. But these fluctuations are relative, considering the full life-cycle of a home. While markets can impact the quotes offered from our partner factories and suppliers, keep in mind that we have preferred status with many suppliers, helping ensure that you get a house built from high-quality materials.

Your new home awaits.

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