Next-gen house design and carbon-negative ambitions

Asumma's approach to the research and development of aesthetically-stunning, human-centric, ecological homes.

At Asumma, it is our objective to transform living environments. How they work. How they are realized. And for whom they are built. What makes a house? How does the house ‘happen’ to the inhabitant? How does one experience their home? For us, this means re-thinking the full reality of housing. 

Designing for life 

We consider all the factors that make-up a home. From how we engage in the design and engineering process, to how we are building new houses, to how people inhabit their homes. We ask questions, such as: How does it work? How does it operate? What is its lifecycle? (Both for the house itself, as well as its occupants.) 


We research and introduce methods, innovations, and tools from the forefront of architecture, as well as other industries, like software development, to our design. At Asumma, we do not limit ourselves to the conventions of today’s construction industry — instead, we aim to understand the house from a suite of ecological, philosophical, biological, technological, futurist, and anthropological perspectives. We see every home as an ecological entity that has an impact on the world and society as a whole. This means tackling material expectations of a home, as well. When we build a house, we consider everything from sustainability in supply chains to the health of the home’s inhabitants.

High design, quality living environments, and limiting carbon footprints

At Asumma, we seek to create highly-functional, human-scale designs that carefully take into account what is necessary for a dwelling space. We focus on the needs of people, so that they can live fully and well, and formulate our house designs around this idea. We bring materials, methods, and technologies together that are unique to each house and each homeowner’s situation, because people’s lives are variable, and what they need is inevitably unique. 


Our long-term work to parametrize our design process means that we can create ever-more designs that are as efficient as they are flexible to people’s needs. And, in time, this will enable Asumma to make more homes affordable to larger numbers of people — not just producing a volume of housing, but more so creating housing that enables people to live in places that elevate their day-to-day lives. 


Our house design and house building is distinguished by our focus on every detail and facet that support the creation of a good living environment. We are operating at a higher resolution. We aim to take into account more variables in house building, in an attempt to build the most sustainable houses available on the market. We are distinguished by our commitment to sustainability — not as an empty marketing gesture, but as a deeply held belief in preserving and caring for the Earth. We care about building materials. We care about their impact. We research this thoroughly, and have high expectations for our manufacturers, as well. In doing so, we want to push the construction industry toward sustainability, by pushing the envelope of what is possible.  

Building homes differently and elevating people

Homes are a framework for our lives. While one can build many things, both physical and digital, the home is its own special category of building. We all need homes. And, perhaps because of their ubiquity, they have been neglected by design and construction. Homes have not seen significant innovation or development of the same level seen in almost every other industry. Isn’t it funny that we still essentially build houses in the same way that they were built 100 years ago? 


Homes deserve significantly more attention. For society. For their impact on the world. For the future of our planet. At Asumma, we believe that an elevated living environment can change one’s way of thinking, being, and perceiving the world. We believe that a home can be a catalyst for one’s own personal transformation, and a catalyst for new and positive energy being unleashed for the benefit of all. We want Asumma homes to uplift and elevate their inhabitants, and to have a daily impact on how people live, and the choices they make. 


At Asumma, we are designing for life. Our homes are built for people, and also the planet. We bring cross-industry innovation and systems thinking to every detail in our houses — with the ambition to build the most technologically advanced and ecologically-sound houses available on the market. It is our ultimate goal to ensure an elevated living experience for every Asumma homeowner. 


Are you interested in building a new house on your plot?  Learn about Asumma's carbon-neutral, timber design homes here.

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