Construction industry executive Jaakko Jauhiainen joins Asumma’s Board

Vice President at AINS Group — one of Finland’s leading construction engineering companies — becomes a member of Asumma’s Board.

Jaakko Jauhiainen, a construction technology executive with AINS Group, one of the largest and most reputable architectural design, engineering, and construction management companies in Finland, has joined Asumma’s Board. 

A seasoned industry professional, Jaakko brings expertise in building information modeling (BIM), virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), digital twins (the virtual modeling of physical objects, such as buildings) — as well as commercial strategy and operations across sales, marketing, and channels management. Notably, Jaakko leads the AINS Group startup program, offering him a view into the best of the best in the Nordic and European property and construction technology space. 

Jaakko works closely with Asumma’s co-founders and C-suite, advising on both product and commercial strategy. He also advises the company’s leadership team on brand, business, product, and strategic roadmap. His deep construction industry knowledge provides a compass and sounding board for Asumma’s team. 

Asumma is productizing the development of high-quality, carbon-negative housing. Homebuyers can customize their home, where our Architecture & Engineering team utilizes LEGO-like components to design complex structures that can be manufactured and assembled in a clear, straightforward manner. This new approach to house design benefits homebuyers, who can get a home that precisely suits their specifications, at a cheaper price, with a faster start-to-completion time than architecture firms or prefab companies can offer. 

Asumma’s use of cross-laminated timber, wood-fiber insulation, and timber frames, floor, and roof — as well as its solar roof, ground-source heat pump, steel piles, and bioclimatic design — mean that the homes have a carbon-negative lifecycle. Centria University of Applied Sciences conducted a recent life-cycle assessment of an Asumma concept house, determining that the combined house materials, construction, and operation have a carbon-negative footprint of -121 tons CO2e.

‘We are honored to have Jaakko join Asumma’s board,’ says Asumma CEO Martti Mela. ‘His breadth and depth of experience in construction is world-class. The expertise and insight that he can bring to our strategy and vision will ultimately enable homebuyers across Europe to own a high-quality, sustainable home at an affordable cost. We are grateful and excited to have Jaakko onboard.’

Learn more about Asumma’s team here.

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