Cost-effective custom house construction. 

From concept to completion: control the costs and process.

Your partner in designing and building custom homes

We are revolutionizing the homebuilding experience with data-driven design, costing, procurement and construction.

Asumma is committed to cost transparency, ensuring that you have complete visibility into the total cost of your project upfront, eliminating  surprises along the way.

Asumma provides a full-service homebuilding package: from design and engineering, to construction with our local partners and final inspection. Your home is built efficiently and to the highest standards.

What Asumma homeowners say

“Our new Asumma home takes my breath away. It feels sacred, lovely, and solid. There is so much to appreciate, including the CLT structure, soaring ceilings, sustainable energy systems, and abundant natural light. It is our place of peace. Asumma has worked diligently to realize our vision for a truly remarkable home.”

– Nicholas and Tuire

What services we provide?

Construction Cost Estimation

The success of your projects relies on precise cost estimates and timely decision-making.

Asumma cost estimations are delivered within days and are based on the latest market figures and comply with Finnish Talo 2000 classification.

Architecture and engineering design

From contemporary marvels to timeless classics, our architects will design a space that inspires and captivates, setting your home apart from the rest.

From design draft to engineering, building permitting and detailed drawings, our team will create a high-quality home that meets your household needs, accounts for the conditions of your plot, and conforms to local building standards.

Procurement service

We handle the sourcing of all the materials, works and on-site contractors required to build your dream home. You will receive comparable offers for the required construction works and select materials allowing you to lock the prices for your project.

By leveraging our network of trusted suppliers and trade partners we ensure you get the best quality and cost-effectiveness for your budget.

Construction management

Our construction management team oversees every aspect of the build and manages the construction from start to finish so that you get a high-quality home within budget and on time.

From scheduling to cost monitoring and frequent reporting you are always on top of things happening on the construction site ensuring predictable and quality delivery of your dream home.

What sets us apart?

What Asumma homeowners say

"A perfect solution for the property of our second home. Asumma is an innovative, agile, and devoted team that delivered to my full satisfaction."

– Markku

Asumma designs homes.

For people. For the planet.

Asumma homes are designed for life. They are high-quality, sustainable, and customizable for you.